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Yousef Kekhia


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Monolouge Reworks





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after “Monologue”, Berlin-based musician Yousef Kekhia is releasing his sophomore record “Polylog”, a fitting successor to his moving debut. While “Monologue” appeared as a hypnotic soliloquy, impressing listeners particularly because of its focus inwards, “Polylog” opens up to the world, inviting it in and making a diversity of perspectives, experiences and concepts of life visible through its polyphonic nature.


With “Polylog”, Yousef Kekhia releases a record that gives so much more than it promises: it is the mature work of a young artist, it fuses the poetic traditions of the Arabic language with contemporary electronic music. It brings the discussion about new forms of masculinity to the dancefloor, shares thoughts for the morning after, and creates a future we could all be grateful to experience.

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