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About us

  Founded in late 2016, Alt Orient was established to create a home for Eastern & African alternative electronic music. Covering a wide range of electronic Sub-genre's such as indie electronic, House, Downtempo, Techno, Experimental & everything in between.

Releasing Original music from Artists such as Turkish/Paraguayan duo 'Santi & Tugce' & the Syrian/German band 'Shkoon. Always on the look out for fresh talent from West Asia (The Middle East), Africa & Eastern Europe,

Over the years the imprint has released electronic music from artists stemming from Egypt, Tunis, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Jordan, Georgia, Morocco, Greece & Serbia. With upcoming releases planned from Palestine & Albania. 

As well as getting remixes from well-known Artists such as Legendary Berliner Acid Pauli, Persian Veteran Namito, Turkish Producers Mercan Dede & Oceanvs Orientalis.

Currently working on a remix project for the legendary Palestinian band 'Le Trio Joubran', which will be released in 2022.

Previously operating as Souq Records [2016-2021]

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