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Odin - Pandhora Remix




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Since embarking on its music journey in 2015, Pandhora has been shaping its own psychedelic & progressive signature. Inspired by various shades of rock and electronic music, the duo’s productions involve acoustic instruments and subtle organic touches. Strengthened by multi-instrumental practice and music theory training, Pandhora has an unframed and eclectic approach to music composition.

In 2018, ‘Deep Psychedelia’, their first live act, has seen daylight. Since then, they have been touring colorful grounds. From Europe to Mexico and all the way to the Middle East and India, their music travelled through inspiring venues and swaying crowds. Their songs tell stories of intriguing soundscapes, exploring an expanding sphere of electronic sounds. Combining driven guitar and keyboard improvisations, they aim at delicately guiding the audience into diverse acoustic spaces. As the story unveils, they aspire to create an ever-changing poetic tale.

In 2021, the duo is adding their own vocals to the show, creating a performance suited for clubs and concert stages alike. With a bigger emphasis on instrumental improvisation, they will take listeners into a ninety minutes long psychedelic voyage.

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