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Ameens long journey from Syria ended sudden in Hamburg, Germany, where he met Thorben. One night they where sitting in the kitchen and started drumming on the table and singing together. The spark leaped over and the project was born. For Ameen, music was never a big topic back in Syria, until they realized his talent in a kitchen somewhere in Germany. For Thorben music was always part of his life and he started with a classic piano-training in his childhood. After going through different stages and genres, he got to electronic music on a experimental basis. While traveling around festivals they met the gipsy Violinist Maher. A Syrian violinist who studied classical music in Damascus, who lives a dream of a free live through music. Since their first jam the three of them started experimenting sounds and music on stage and in the studio  Ameen, Thorben and Maher developed their own sound of arabic melodies mixed with classic harmonic structures, enriched with baselines and kicks. Piano, synthesizer, drum machine, violin, percussion and vocals find their new home in oriental Slow-House. The feedback was amazing. Since that Shkoon played together on famous festivals and clubs like the Fusion Festival and Kater Blau in Berlin. They are also playing a lot on political and cultural events to spread their idea of intercultural sound.

“We feel good with jamming and performing live and love to spread positivity around, just to proof there is no borders between cultures.“ 

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